I am Lisa Harrison

I help the superheroes of the world fast track change through branding & creative campaigns.

Adjectives that I use to try to explain myself are … Artist & Designer, Strategist, Creative Campaigner, Environmental Activist, Permaculturist. Lover of life and all things nature based. Foodie (the person who decided we need to eat three meals a day is a genius).

Visions & Visuals

Did you know 50% of nonprofits fail in the 1st 12 months and it’s not due to a lack of funds, that’s not even in the top 5 reasons.

But what is in the top 5 is “hollowing out from the center” this is when nonprofits fail to establish clear direction from the beginning ie. BRANDING. The problem is branding can be really unapproachable for non profits making it difficult to see how it can help. When actually it can be the biggest asset you have and filters into every part of your mission.

I’m a person that rolls their eyes at marketing & branding BS. Ironic having built my career on it but because of it I can see why it’s so valuable, especially for nonprofits. So much of the branding world does NOT align with my values but it also has some really useful ways of showing the world what you're doing to make it a better place and if you can get it right you can be unstoppable.

I understand the struggle of trying to put together a message with an inspiring voice or website content that communicates everything you do to all your stakeholders. But it doesn't need to be so hard and with the right guidance you can get into a flow with your content that feels aligned with you.

I work with purpose driven companies and organisations to build strong impactful brands that create real change with a particular interest in climate action. Climate change is a complex topic but the most important one of our time. I work with any industry that is creating new ways to do business to help tackle the climate crisis.

We will deep dive into your organisation, the wider local/global picture that you’re trying to change and create a brand that will out-stand the test of time. Aaand I’ve got the creative side covered too. From brand identities to visual campaigns and everything in between. I’m here to be your long term partner and take care of all the ways you communicate your cause.

So whether you’re an activist, environmentalist, systems tackler, worried citizen or a woman on the forefront (cause let’s face it climate justice is a feminist movement) I’d love to see if we could work together.


Over the years I’ve tried many different hats on, my interests vary and change weekly.

I’ve struggled with this for a long time until I heard a TEDx (sure where else) by Ella Saltmarshe who explained how my many interests are needed in the world. This helped me to bring these together and this new site is a reflection of some of those interests. What I’ve found is the three things that drive me are creativity, nature & mental health.

These are the things that motivate me and continue to push me in life. I've been a brand designer & strategist for over a decade now, I even setup my own health and wellness brand in 2017 called Remedy Roots. Then in 2020 I decided to spend 2 years studying sustainable horticulture. It started out of an interest of growing food, but the course turned out to be more of a wholistic view on sustainable living as both an individual and the collective.

We looked at sustainable food systems, ecology, environmental policy, everyday living and business. This has helped to give me a wide understanding of the road to a sustainable future and allows me to see a business or organisation from different perspectives. I love to delve into the values of a business, examine how it’s showcasing that to the world and how they fit in to the bigger picture.

Through the things I've learned, I see so much potential for us to create effective change. So I wish to take the skills I've learnt in design and business, combine it with the knowledge I gained in sustainability and help those people trying to tackle climate change.

I'm bluntly honest

As a person who has a lot of interests I’ve gained a lot of skills. The pro (or con depending on how you look at it) is I can see things from a wide perspective and always find opportunities for growth.

I’m full of ideas so when you work with me expect me to be the person who says what she thinks, gives advice in areas of your organisation you didn’t ask for and gets carried away with ideas.

What you can also expect is someone who can see the bigger picture, keeps you on track with what’s needed, helps you identify the areas that can have the biggest impact and has a huge passion for positive change.

I work 1:1 and in groups doing hourly sessions or long term projects. It varies depending on what you need and what I feel will be of most benefit to you. I’ve no interest in wasting your time or your budget so I will be honest from the start about where I feel I would be of most use to you.

Work with me

Visions & Visuals

Creative direction

I work with other creatives on all my projects. I find the synergy of more than 1 creative makes for the best outcome. You may have a designer you already wish to work with, in that case I can help to direct the project. Or if you would like to work with me and my team, we can put together the creative outputs you want to achieve, and I will direct the project. We meet weekly or bi-weekly to stay on track and projects range from, branding to campaigns to videos to websites. It all depends on what is needed to move you forward in this time.

Strategy & planning

I have to admit I’m a huge strategy fan, I love getting stuck into what an organisation needs right now to move forward. We can get into large strategy projects on a business level, sustainability roadmaps, look at marketing and messaging or focus on a single creative campaign to create real change. First we will define what you need and then agree on a weekly or bi-weekly meeting to create the plan and how to implement it.


Organisations - You may not have a specific design project or strategy plan needed but you might just need a bit of support with building something you love that stands for something great. I see starting your own thing as the biggest self development journey you'll ever go on. It's scary, it challenges all your stuff and you've only yourself to blame, I mean depend on. I have years of experience building brands, running businesses and chatting shite with people. You’ll find no greater ally.

Designers - I get designers coming to me asking how can they work with the people I work with and create a sustainable freelance business for themselves, whilst doing good. I do 1:1 session with designers weekly or bi-weekly diving deep into the work you want to do and how to do it.


A collaboration is a long term commitment to a project. Usually we agree upon 1 day a week for 6 months to a year to collaborate on a creative campaign. This allows us plenty of time to really get stuck into something that can have real change. Usually this type of process is subject to outside funding, I can support you in your application for this funding.


Every now and then I facilitate group workshops in creative campaigning, branding for non profits and any other ramblings I wish to push on people. 2023 workshops will be confirmed soon